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I'm very cautious these days about giving my son any new meds as he had a terrible time with singulair that I didn't notice as he was on it for almost two years and it was a gradual thing. However, since being off the meds his behavior improved almost instantly. The allergy problems still remain. His Dr prescribed Allegra today and I'm scared to let him use it considering our past experience. Any honest input would be greatly appreciated.
My (now 13-year old) daughter was on Allegra for about a year when she was 9. We didn't have any problems with it and there were no noticeable side effects. Now that both Claritin and Zyrtec are available without a prescription we've switched to using them because Allegra is no better than either and they're both much cheaper without a prescription.

I am currently taking Allegra 180mg once a day for my allergies. I've been taking it for almost a year and it works great for me.

The only side effect I notice is occasional headaches, but the benefit outweighs the side effects for me. I have to take an antihistamine daily because my allergies are year round and pretty bad.

I was previously on zyrtec and had to discontinue because it made me VERY depressed and tired. I couldn't stand how I felt on it(I don't know if you can equate this with behavioral problems in a child). I have none of this with Allegra. I am also on sudafed as needed and Rhinocort and doing allergy shots.

I am an adult so I don't know how it affects children, but for me it's great and I don't feel any different when I take this, like I did with the Zyrtec.

Just my 2 cents, hope this helps!