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I have suffered from severe allergies for more than 25 yrs now. I found a wonderful allergist and I was on shots regularly and Allegra-D as well as all my inhalers for my asthma. I've gotten to a stage where my allergies were well under control and did not need the shots any longer...but I still took my Allegra-D as well as my inhalers. As time went by I was dx with MS and put on several different meds and my Dr. did not want me on Allegra-D with all my other meds because it causes server migraines...of which I also get. So I stopped the Allegra-D and now take reg Allegra as well as Patanase. Needless to say I am now so stuffed up I can't breathe. No matter what I do I can't get my nose cleared...unless I take the OTC nose spray Afrin. Now I know I shouldn't be using this because it is very bad for the nose and will have a reverse effect and ruin my nose...but its the only thing that makes my nose clear and lets me breathe. I was wondering what is it in the house I can run...dehumidifier or air purifier? Its still warm enough for me to have the windows and doors open for fresh air but I can't handle it. I can't keep changing my meds either due to my other meds. If anyone knows what I can use indoors for relief I would greatly appreciate any suggestions you may have. Thank You;)[/FONT]
So you say I should double my Allegra and my nose spray...instead of using the OTC nose spray?
NO..nothing was mentioned on upping the meds.. Just irrigation and humidity. Remember... antihistimines (plain allegra, plain zyrtec, bedadryl etc.) will dry you. Decongestants unplug. You may need to talk to your doctor about trying the decongestants with new meds Do you have a neti pot or a sinurinse bottle? This will help you a great deal. More than a plain saline spray. There are videos online if you are unsure. Most chain drugstores have a starter pack for about $15

Do not run a dehumidifer. For stuffiness you want humidity. ;)