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After being diagnosed with hypothyroidism 2 years ago I developed acid reflux. Have taken Aciphex since then and is mostly under control but have some bad spurts. Due to insurance issues I was switched to Nexium a week ago, and heartburn issues have been pretty active. Also have been under EXTRA stress lately (unemployed, pre-teen daughter, elderly parents etc). Last Thursday after a particularly stressful day I noticed my lower left jaw started to hurt. I also noticed while trying to relax and sleep that I was clenching my jaw. Discomfort in jaw seemed to also settle in my left ear, and by the next couple days I felt a pressure in my cheekbone under my left eye socket. I also have been feeling a bit dizzy and off-center lately, but I've had that issue occasionally since the thyroid diagnosis. I decided to go to the doctor because although I know this could all be sinus or stress related I also know someone who had a heart blockage and her only symptoms were acid reflux and jaw pain. Doc told me right off the bat that it could be sinus related, even in my lower jaw. Then looked in that ear and said it looked like I had quite a bit of fluid behind my eardrum.

The thing is my nose is not even stuffy. I did sleep with the window open last week which I almost never do as I always wake up with a sinus headache, even without the stuffy nose.

Can anyone confirm that they have had these symptoms related to sinus issues?


Edited to add: doc gaveme some nosespray and script for Allegra D.