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Can I join your conversation here? I am going through h... here in Iowa with allergies. What is it about the fall? I blame the crops being cut down right now and the stuff flying off the crops. I have allergies year round. ugh! I am allergic to anything green outside, cats, dogs, dustmites, mold, you name it. I need to live in a bubble. I have tried allergy shots on and off. I caught a cold from the 3rd graders 3 weeks ago. Since then I have never gotten better...went from a cold, to drainage...to allergies...to cough non stop...to taking some antibiotics...sleeping straight up everynight with a cough drop in my mouth so the tickle won't start and I will cough my head off all night.

Here are all the things I am taking:
Allegra, Sudefed, Benadryl, cough syrup, cough drops (on bag 4 now) and doing Neti pot treatments everyday for 4 days now...I think I will stay on that.

So when will it end?? Every year at this same time I develope severe allergies and a nagging cough for a good 6 weeks. I am so miserable. People that don't have allergies don't understand. They say to me...are you still sick?? still have that cough? It's making me paranoid. I am a non smoker , take great care of myself and workout when I can. But this is such a cross to bear. I know there are worse things to have. But gee!!!

So I have always wanted to move to Nashville Tennessee myself. But I have friends there and have visited there and my allergies are bad there too. So to answer your question. I think you moved to another spot known for bad allergies. I am ready to move to Mexico. I am always healthy there. But my family is here. Family means everything to me.

Hang in there everyone. Please share your stories and and great remedies! Thanks!:angel: