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Well girls had the chemo today. They gave me the decadron, ativan, aloxi for nausea, I also took a emend before chemo, and have to take 1 on days 2 and 3. Have to take decadron tonight twice sat and twice sun. My stomach is very upset. I think it is from the nausea pills. I also got the shot Neulasta before I left. I have a lot of burbing and very upset stomach, took some tums but they dont work. Someone suggested zantac but I have to check with the doctor. Had some soup and saltines tonight that is all I could stand.
Talk to you later.
Hey Girls :)!!

JoJo, I've been thinking about you all day and wondering how you did. I'm glad you've got #1 behind you :bouncing: I'm sorry you are felling so upset. With the Decadron be sure you take it after you eat....it can really make you sick to your stomach. It looks like I took the same drugs as u got today...the Emend and Aloxi and Decradron. Did they give you anything for nausea at home? Don't be afraid to take the nausea med to help you through this first week. But definitely take something with the Decadron don't take on an empty stomach. (Huggs) You are doing good :) Just hang in their girl!! Get lots of rest :) Was good to hear from you tonite too.

Hey there Teresa!!!!! Welcome back! Did you get our permission to be gone so long? lololol. Well glad ur back! I left you a msg earlier about what I found out on my tax situation. I was hoping to get some of my payment back but no luck :blob_fire I could have used the $3300 more than the IRS lol. How was your trip?

Oh and guess what!!! I got my results back on my mammogram I had last monday. They also did axillary pics too on my surgical site. All was normal wooooooo hoooooo lol.

Well have a good weekend and Happy Mother's Day to you all!!!