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Quote from Stumper:
Hi Photo,

Yes, I agree with Mgraylorn here. When I say once in awhile I mean that I might use 1/2 of a 25Mg. tablet or 12.5Mg maybe twice a week if I get heart palps at night or something. I have done this numerous times in the past when I was searching for that perfect med (still am) and had no problems whatsoever. It would knock palpitations right out and they usually would not return for several days or longer at times. But if you use them steady over time and in larger amounts you may have to wean yourself slowly to avoid a rebound affect.

I guess we are all different in that many regards. If you are switching from a Beta to something else that should in and of itself ease the transition, but as always, listen to your doctor because he/she may know something or more about you than anyone else and may have reasons for doing something different. :)

Hi Stumper,
Thank you for clarifying that. I wish now that my doctor had started me off more slowly with the metoprolol. He is a good doctor, very concerned, but he tends to be very liberal with his prescribing of meds. I was taking 2 50mg tabs of metoprolol a day and 4 0.25mg of alprazolam a day. I was just sleeping all day at that point. I told my doctor that I felt like a zombie and he cut down the alprazolam. This week I cut the metoprolol to 1 50mg tab a day instead of 2, without asking the doctor. The palps seem about the same before and now, so I think I need to get on some totally different meds. I'm so tired during the day I have trouble getting to my doc, but clearly I have to.
Thanks again