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Do u think your weight has a lot to do with the way your Dr. treats you (I mean acts towards you) ?

When I was younger and a lot thinner, the docs seemed to have more interest in me when I had physical problems.
Now, I am 47 and overweight, and have been having health probs. I have a tachycardia (ended up in ER a few times) and they poo-poohed it and gave me a mild sedative and told me to call my DR. in the morn. And that my iron was low. This was 4 years ago.
I end up in ER again because my face and lips swelled up where I could not speak (they said that I was having an allergic reaction to Altace, a blood pressure med that I was on for 3 months) and they sent me home. I went to my doc's after 3 days after that and the swelling didn't go down, and he jokingly laughed at me cause I talked like bugs bunny, and even imitated how I couldn't pronounce my r's a was talking like a wabbit to make it light. I was in a lotta pain with this swelling.
So the next thing that happens is, I haven't had a period in 3 months and started bleeding heavily for the next 3 weeks. I went thru 40 tampons in 6 hours, was at the ER and bled all over the furniture in the waiting room ( insert embarrassed Icon here) and the DR. says, well you are bleeding too bad to even give you a pelvic, here's a presription for some hormones to stop the bleeding.
Then it got worse. I ended up back in ER 2 days later. He gave me a pelvic (said he couldn't find my cervix) and sent me in for ultra sound. Released me in the next hour. Said to contact women's GYN clinic next day.
I finally switched DRs and found out I am diabetic, my uterus is enlarged and I have cysts on my ovaries, I am anemic and my liver enzymes are high. They are checking me for Hepatitis because of where I work (prison, any inmate can spit in my food and I have it). Anyways, the low iron levels have been bad. I have been taking a multi-vitamin and extra iron 2x daily and it is still low, even though the bleeding finally stopped after a month. Now they say I am bleeding internally, and need to find out where it is coming from.

what my question here is this... I feel that I was treated terribly. I'm not a whiner or a bitcher. I went to the ER and felt that I was "untouchable".
Because I was a large woman, with meno-pausal symptoms, bleeding terribly, that I was denied care and got better care from changing DR's. It was like I had the plague, or some bad disease when i went into ER. I never had this problem when I was younger and thinner. It's like no one would touch me, and if I was skinnier and healthier looking they might treat me better. I almost felt like they were going to get out the prescription pad and write a "script" for Hostess Twinkies. And I don't eat hardly anything! My body is just so screwed up!
Between menopause, and diabetes, and tachycardia's and everything else like gaining 100# in 2 years it's like I have a disease to these DR's.