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Hi, im 38 years old Male and 9 years ago had Quad Bypass . I have been fine up to now and was wondering if someone could help me understand whats going on. Last year I had a stress test after shortness of breath and my EF was 51 %,,,,now 1 year later I have had some shortness of breath again and my EF is 39-40% after an echo and new stress test. My Heart Dr. has put me back on Lopressor 25 mg 2x a day and also started me on 2.5 mg of Altace 1 x a day. After seeing my stress test resaults I am worried that I may be getting worse or something may be wrong. Why would my EF drop to 39 from 51 in 1 year ? And what else should I be doing. Im thinking of getting cathed as my Dr says I have 1 arrterie part blocked but not enough to worry. He suggests not getting cathed but says its my choice. It hasnt changed from my last stress test. So why is my EF dropped? Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated. Im very confussed and worried that things may get worse if I dont do the correct thing. I was also told by an RN that I shoukd get a chest x ray to see if there is any fluid in my lungs or heart,,any thoughts.
Thanks Bill, I went to my Internest today who is also a Heart specialist, and he said that all my blood work came back LDL/HDL/TRIG/ good and not to worry so much about the EF, he also took me off of metoprolol 25mg and switched me to Coreg 3.125mg twice a day. He feels that the combo of both Altace and Coreg will bring my EF back to a normal again. I have good faith that they know what they are doing. One reason that he has given me for the decrease of the EF may be that I went off the Metoprolol for a while as it was causing my blood pressure to drop and I passed out a couple of times.
This new medicine Coreg seems to have a lot of good resaults in resent studies in all the Journals of Med "he said". Lets hope that im on track to bringing up the EF now. Ill let you know.
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Hi Steven;

I too just went on Coreg 12.50 mg a day. My EF is 28. I seem to be doing fairly well on the side effects. Have to double my dose in another week. I am interested to know how you do on it. Please let me know and Good Luck. Larry

So far Larry its been two days and no side effects at all. What should I expect? The only thing I expected was a little light headness maybe,,,,I was told that studies show it works great with the Altace together.

I hope not,,,no one has said that to me, as a matter of fact I have been told that things look very good by 2 heart Dr.s who are very wel respected here in MD and feel that my outlook is good. The problem was I wasnt taking any meds to help strengthen my allready damaged heart, This is why I think we saw the EF drop. So im not so concerned now. If it is Heart failure then it can only get better with the meds im on now.At least this is what I have been told. I have to trust my Drs. If I was having heart failure they would have sent me to the hospital for more tests. These Heart DRs im seeing are the best in the Business. I have a lot of faith in them. If things get worse then I would really start to worry. Im actually feeling very good,,and better since I started the Altace and Coreg. Hey Ive made it this long,,,,Im not going to give up now.
[FONT=Comic Sans MS]Hi Steven,
I take Coreg 6.25mg twice a day and Altace 2.5 once a day I had a heart attack last October my EF at the time was 40%
3 months later I had another echo done and my EF had went up to 55%.....I think the combination of the two meds brings up the EF.......As of right now I don't have any problems with the meds.......I've been taking them both since my heart attack.
Good Luck! :) [/FONT]
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I concur with getting a second opinion. Since you already have seen an interventionalist cardiologist, may I suggest you seek the counsel of a noninterventionalist. Check out this URL for some nonsurgical answers to CAD:


Also, I suggest you read through the "My experience with cardiologists thread."

Good luck

Thanks,,,I will look into it, But I have been ok now for 10 years until now. With me EF dropping to 39% from 51% in one year I have just got a rude awakining. I have decided to use the Altace and the Coreg to correct the problem as my Dr's have prescribed. I will warn anyon who has any type of radiation treatment though, that it scatters and can affect the heart is id did in my case. Those Lead blocks they put in the machine to block your heart didnt work in my case. That radiation is nasty stuff and scattered into all of my main arteries blocking them 95%. After being cathed at the age of 27 and they told me It didnt look good, I look at each day even 10 years later like its my last. I really enjoy every day as much as I can. Thank god I had a team from Hopkins come and fix me up. They were great to me at Hopkins.
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can u take bayer asprin if u take a beta blocker such as toprol xl 25 mg?

I take 81mg twice a day for 10 years,,,along with the new meds Coreg and Altace. Yes.
I have been taking the Altace and the Coreg for about a month and I seem to feel like im not breathing as heavy as I was , and I also dont get dizzy anymore,,,is it possible that my EF may be getting better that quick?
Any thoughts?

However, my cardiologist now tells me that he believes my EF is only 25-30% (his "eyeball" estimate") so he has replaced my metropolol with Coreg (25mg twice daily) and a diuretic (25mg per day), with the hope of increasing my EF. I just started these drugs today and feel okay so far.

I don't have any shortness of breath, but am concerned about the potential for heart failure after hearing some of the other comments in this thread (Yikes!). I'm in the process of setting up a 2nd opinion with another cardiologist.

I'd appreciate any comments on suggested courses of action.ay.

They just uped my Coreg to 6.25 mg a day, and the Altce at 2.5 once a day. I was told by both of my Dr.s who are cardioloigists that studys in Europe show that the combination of the Altace and Coreg together have shown to be much better then Motoprolol and Altace. They told me that recent studies show that the Altace and Coreg together reduce the chance of heart attack and or stroke. Im feeling much better now that im taking both of these meds together. My Cardioligist is very poular here in Maryland and has taken alot of time with me as I am one of his youngest patients here in MD,after all I was 27 when I had my Bypass surgery. Thats young. I had 5 blocked arteries and 4 were replaced. They took an arterie from my chest and my left arm. no viens!!!!!This was supposed to make a longer lasting pipeline if you will. My best to you and your condition. If you have any question feel free to ask me. I have been through alot. Besides the heart surgery, when I was 19 I had Hodgkins disease, with stage 2 Laporodomy, and I recently underwent CYBERKNIFE treatment for a Schwannoma found in my L-1 and L-2 Spinal canal. This was all related to the treatment I recieved when I had Hodgkins.

ps; ask your Cardioligist about Altace,,,,the Altace and Coreg together is supposed to be the best combo Ive been told. Let me know what he says.

Take care,