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My feet and ankles have been swelling for about 3 weeks. My Dr is totally puzzled about why. I am 31. I had 2 kidney scans that did show that my kidneys are retaining a little urine, damage caused from repeated kidney stones. I have had high blood pressure for about a year. And now my Dr says there is a problem with my heart because my pulse is 120 at times.
Does anyone have any ideas as to why my feet are swelling? It's so bad I cant get my shoes or socks on now!
I am on HCTZ 25mg/day, Norvasc 5mg/day, Altace 10mg/day and Toprol XL 200mg/day for my High BP.
My Dr didnt want to put me on 4 meds so she sent me to a hypertension specialist and he added the 4th med. And yesterday he doubled 2 of them. He said if my heart rate is still like this in a month he will send me to a cardiologist. I had a chemical stress test a month ago that turned out normal.My Mom had Wolfe Parkinson White Syndrome, I'm wondering if maybe that is hereditary?
Thanks for your help.