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I too have silent ischemia and had a heart attack 3 years ago with not much warning. My doctor has just put me on Coreg and a diuretic with the objective of increasing my EF, which is currently running around 25-30%. He will probably add an ACE inhibitor like Altace in the next month or so as well. Ask your doctor about these drugs if you're not on them already. I'm hopeful they'll help.
I, too, can attest that EF improves with medication and healing. I did not have an MI, but had an enlarged and irregularly beating heart due to hypertension with an EF of 40. Fortunately, my arteries stayed reasonably clear so that with a lot of beta blockers and Altace things are improving so that the EF is back at 60. The trick is keeping your pressure and heart rate as low as possible.

Good luck!
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Yes your EF will go back up as your heart begins to heal. I had almost the same story as you and my EF is up to 50% now after 4 years. Take your meds and give it time.
Good Luck

I to had a heart attack at the age of 27, had qudroople bypass and still have breathing problems and an EF of 39. Laste year I was at 51 My Cardioligist just put me on Altace and Coreg about 3 months ago and I have noticed that during my work out my heart rate is much lower then before,,,,,not only that but I am not getting out of breath as easy as I use to. I assume the meds are working,,,,The Altace and Coreg seem to be the best combo now for the EF rate to be increased.

Good luck,,,,,