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When I was 19 I had Hodgkins,,,I underwent Chemo and Radiation. The radiation treatment caused 5 of my arteries to be blocked and at the age of 27 I also had qudroople bypass surgery. It was the most painful thing you could ever imagine. I was 27 years old, cracked open like a Lobster and to this day , im still not 100%. Im 37 now! I feel the wire in my chest holding me together, and I still dont breath or feel the same. I never will. Im sure that they saved my life though and if I didnt have the surgery I would probably allready be dead. I mean who would hve thought that a 27 year old could need bypass surgery? They took an arterie from my left arm and an arterie from my chest ,,,nothing from my legs! Thank god. Anyway Im still here, I take Altace and Coreg to keep my EF up and asprin 2x a day. But I have to say,,,Clinton is in so much pain now , they dont tell you that. Its only been 4 days and I know hes hurting bad. After my surgery I couldnt sleep on a bed or 3 months. I had to sleep in a chair sitting up for 3 months before I could lay down and not be in pain. I still am not comfortable sleeping every night from the surgery. So what do we learn from this? Yes I needed the surgery, and yes im glad I had it,,,but it was and still is the worst thing you could ever go through. And Ive been through alot!.

Take care.