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Poolsharky, I have had similar symptoms for the past 4 months. Everytime I went to the doctor I told them it felt like I had the flu it just never went away. I was constantly missing my college classes and work too. I also had spells where I felt like I was about to pass out. I came very close several times before I decided someone had to help me. All tests came back negative. My blood pressure was slightly elevated (150/90). My doctor perscribed Altace and so far the spells of almost passing out have stopped. I am still very careful and watch out for the signs that I may pass out.

I do have alot of ringing in my ears and I am dizzy sometimes. A Neurologist told me that I probably have an ear disorder but I havent gotten anything done about it. I dont hear my heartbeat in my ears or anything like that though.

Which of your symptoms have disapeared since getting the pacemaker?