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Hello, I would like to hear from those who take Toprol for high blood pressure. My cardiologist has perscribed this for me. It's 50mg. I currently take Altace and im happy with it because it has few side effects. Im just wondering about Toprol and it's effectiveness and side effects. I certainly dont want to take it if it could cause me problems.

Thank You!
I take ToprolXL 25mg and don't notice any real side effects. I've heard good about Altace though and have heard that it has fewer side effects. When I first started on Toprol 3 years ago I felt pretty tired from it, but honestly I don't know for sure that it was the Toprol or just from going through bypass surgery and the other meds that I was on at the time. As of now I really can't say that I have any bad side effects at all. My brother takes 100mg and at first he felt pretty wiped out. Now he has even adjusted to the large dose and does fine with it. It does a good job keeping his bp in a good range. I personally have never had high blood pressure. The toprol was prescribed for me after my bypass to take some of the load off the bypass.
See I am only 20 years old. I really hate to start taking a beta blocker. Intially what happened was, my cardiologist told me to discontinue taking Altace and taking the pescription he was holding. He then gave it to the nurse and he left the room. I didnt see the name of it. I asked her if whatever he perscribed was a beta blocker. I explained to her that I didnt want to take a beta blocker. She leaves and comes back a few minutes later and says the perscription was a beta blocker, so since I didnt want to take it, the doctor wrote a new one for another medicine and it was Toprol and that's a beta blocker!! I had no idea he just gave me another beta blocker when I said I didnt want to take one of those.

I really dont have alot of PVC's. He said my heart looks great, no problems.. there is no way im switching to a new medicine now.

When you a high dose, how high is it? Is 50mg high?
I suppose a better question to ask is this,

For a 20 year old male, would it be better to take Toprol or Altace? The Toprol dosage is 50mg.

Occasionally I feel some abnormal heart beats and weird sensations. Would it be better to take Toprol for that as well as blood pressure?

I really hate to have to take either one. The cause of my high blood pressure is undetermined. An ultrasound of kidney detected a mass, but a CT scan showed nothing there. The cardiologist did say my heart looks great though and something else is causing my problems.
My family doctor is the one who perscribed Altace. I saw a cardiologist and he perscribed Toprol. I left a message for my family doctor to call me. I want to see what he says about which one I should take. Unfortunately he hasnt called me back yet. I get the idea he thinks I am crazy for seeing him so many times yet he finds nothing wrong. I was so sick for months on end and no doctor could find the problem.