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I was just laying down in bed a minute ago. I measured my heart rate and it was only 44 beats per minute! :eek: I have been feeling kinda fatigued and headachy today. How low can it go before I pass out?? I have never seen my heart rate go really low. How do I know when to go to the hospital??

I am a 20 year old male. I am on Altace for high blood pressure. I took that early this morning so I know it cant be that. Earlier today I drank like 4 or 5 cups of coffee. I havent had any caffeine whatsoever in months. Could that affect my heart rate? After all that caffeine I had a panic attack but it wasnt severe. I've learned how to calm myself down from it but it still leaves me tired and wiped out.
I forgot to check my HR this morning before I took my medicine, but i'll do that tomorrow. If I get up and walk around it does go up to about 60. That still seems kinda low for me. Laying down it's about 50bpm.

I see my cardiologist on Tuesday. He tried to put me on Toprol last time. I did take it once but it made my heart rate go really low so I went back to Altace.