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Hi Everyone,
I need some third party advice. I had a baby 20 months ago and all hell broke loose. I developed high bp during the last 3 weeks of pregnancy and was then induced. After the pregnancy the high bp still did not come down and i developed flutters in my chest and skipped heartbeats. I was put on labetalol for 3 months and then switched to vasotec and i am currently on monocor and altace. I have been to a cardiologist - have had ekg, blood tests, echo, and 24 blood pressure monitor. I am a thin girl but hardly active because my bp meds make me so tired. They want to take me off the beta blocker because my bp is so low now- i guess my body corrected itself. My problem is these skips, flutters and racing heart. Apparently i have nothing wrong with me, but my mother has mvp and needs antibiotics for the dentist. This is what I thought i had , but they say I dont. I just had a holter monoitor done but i am still awaiting the results. Does anyone have any idea why i have these heart symptoms? I am only 23 years old. I am so scared.
Thank you