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I am a 21 y/o male and i've had the exact same symptoms. I thought my panic attacks led to alot of my chest pains but im not so sure. I had so many EKGs and different tests done I cant even count them all. I passed a stress test at my cardiologists office and he insists nothing is wrong with my heart.
I still have some weird "feelings" including the muscle twitching that you are talking about. I've noticed that I have that same muscle twitching in other areas besides my chest (legs, stomach, neck) sometimes and I wonder what that is from. I dont have any caffeine or anything.

Also, I have high blood pressure as well and I take Altace for it. Recently my BP has been very low (102/60). At those levels I wouldnt need medicine, but I have alot of anxiety and that often causes my BP to shoot up. I can tell when it's high. My pulse has been unusally low at rest (44bpm) :eek: