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Is it okay to take Armour 120mg. at the same time that I take Altace 10mg.? Pharmacist said it was all right as long as one hour before or two hours after eating. Still I wonder.
You should not take these medications together. Wait one hour after you take your Armour to take the Altace.
Thanks for reply ok4now. I'm supposed to take both of these first thing in morning. Any one out there in same situation? Anybody out there ever take an ace inhibitor at the same time as Armour? What about dissolving Armour under tongue? If I did this, could I take Altace(ace inhibitor) immediately? And how long would I need to wait before eating?
I also take the same meds as you, 150 mg. Armour and 5 mg. of Altace. I take my Armour with water (not under tongue) when I wake in the morning, then I take the Altace one hour later. Then I can eat breakfast immediately. Do not take the meds together as the thyroid needs to be absorbed for one hour before you put anything else into your body.
okay4now, what has been your experience with taking Armour and Altace? I've had great results with both. I really love the Armour and started feeling better within a week, although only symptoms I'd noticed before were fatigue and dry skin. The Altace really controls HPB, bringing it down from 204/110 in dr.'s ofc two months ago to 120's/70's. No noticeable side effects, not even that irritating cough I had when taking Lotensin 3 years ago.
I had a rough start with Synthroid and Unithroid...had allergic reactions to the fillers and dyes in both. Finally Dr. put me on Armour and life has been wonderful from that point on. I feel normal and well again. The Altace has been great for me as well. I had gained a lot of weight since my TT and being hypo, so my blood pressure went up as I gained. I was 150/90 and I am now holding at 110/70. Dr. said as I continue to lose the extra weight I should be able to go off the Altace...that would be nice, one less pill a day to take! I'm down about 50 lbs and have a bit more to go.