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blood thinners lowers the risk of a stroke but cannot prevent it 100%. i was still having many TIA's on coumadin and therefor had to have angioplasty and a stent placed in my basilar artery. there are a few combo of drugs you can take to lower your risk of stroke. altace shows a large % of lower risk and is a bp med. the side effect of it relaxes arteries or something like that. i took also coumadin and aggrenox. aggrenox has a 25mg aspirin in it and a vaso dilator in it. i also took coumadin and aspirin, now i am on coumadin and plavix. i went to coumadin and plavix because i was having some double vision problems. but i have alot of arteries in my head and back of my neck messed up. i hear plavix and coumdin are an unusual combo.
well i know my hemotologist tried these...
coumadin alone
coumadin and a baby aspirin
coumadin and aggrenox
coumadin and plavix which is what i am on now.
also they have me on zocor and altace as it has shown to lower the risk or restroke. i dont have high bp nor high cholestrial, just take it cause of some side affect that lowers the risk.
also if they have not yet checked your homocysteine levels....make certain that they do. this is bad bad bad if it is high.