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Hello Friends,
2 fast questions for Synthroid users.

1. Is anyone on Synthroid and any sort of hypertension medication. I had what they deemed as a short term hypertensive episode and they had me on Altace 2.5mg. My BP's became stable and they stopped it. However last night my BP (which I check regularly on an accurate monitor at home) shot through the sky again. The highest was 160/100 which is high for me. So this morning I'm waiting on a call back from the doc but I went ahead and took my Altace 2.5 skipping the Synthroid for later because I'm really concenred about the BP. I have no other symptoms along with the BP that you generally get with a cardiac episode. Just high BP. I'm wondering how many folks on this medication are also on something for Hypertension which I really don't have but seem to get off and on, if that makes sense.

2. Could everyone that responds to this list the side affects they personally had on Synthroid?

Thanks for all your help!
Hello, Thanks for the replies. I have been on .75mcg of Synthroid for almost about 5 days now. I did keep track of my BP prior to this med because I had this oddball episode of my BP going through the roof, was placed on 2.5mg of Altace for a month and it became stable. No further problems, until just last night, it spiked to 160/100 and the lowest was 140/90, same as this morning. Waiting on the doc to call.
Thanks for your help

Right now my only side affect from Synthroid is I am not able to sleep, and even with lack of sleep, I'm not tired. Odd.

I'm also running a fever of sorts between 100.0 and 100.6