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Hello: I have a problem. I went to the doctor for a pain in my ribs, he sent me to a Physical Medicine doctor. She put an injection in my back. It did not help. but a strange thing was that my blood pressure and heart rate are high. She said go back to my family doctor. Did, and he gave me medicine and I had a CT scan to run out a pulmonary embolism. The blood pressure was 180/114, 160/110, and 170/100 the heart rate has been 146, 136, and 100. They did an EKG and the doctor looks at it and says he knows what it is, but when I ask him, he never answers. They gave me Toprol (50 mg) for the heart rate, Altace (5mg) for the blood pressure. The blood pressure has come down, it is now 126/75 but the heart rate is anywhere from 109 and above. What is causing this? What is this?