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I don't know about it increasing your b/p and pulse. I have been on coreg since May of this year and am currently at 25 mg/am and 12.5 mg/pm and Altace 5 mg/am and 5 mg/pm. My b/p and pulse have come down since being on them. My b/p is currently around 90/60 and pulse has gone from 130 ish to 80ish. I'm to increase my evening does in 2 weeks and my pulse should come down even more. I am also being treated for a cardiomyopathy and am 38. Your dose seems low, maybe you should look into adjusting it.
Hi, I am new to this board and I am also female with cardiomyopathy, diagnosed 12/30/05 and it sounds like we are on a very similar drug therapy. ( I am 41, 25 mg coreg 2x day, 5 mg altace 2xday, 25 mg inspra 1x day.) I had a defbrilator implanted last month. I would really like to compare notes if you are interested. Do you take any supplements? I take CoQ10 30 mg 3x day, plus vit B and C and a couple others.

Well, thanks in advance if you would like to gripe/excite about all this enlarged heart stuff. I feel very confused alot of the time, and while my cardiologist is very helpful/attentive, it ain't the same as chatting with someone who's in the same boat!

I was also diagnosed recently with Idiopathic Cardiomyopathy (EF 20%) and class 3 CHF, with mild mitral valve regurgitation. I am on Coreg 25mg am and 12.5 pm, to be increased next week, Altace, 5 mg am and pm, Asprin 81 mg daily and Lipitor 20 mg. I am also diabetic and am on insulin and diamicron. My doctor will make a decision about a defibrillator after further testing next month. Has the COQ10 helped at all? I talked to my cardio about it and he didn't seem to think it would be of much value. Do either of you get a tightness in your chest that makes it hard to breath. My lungs are clear, my family doc takes a listen every week so I know it's not fluid, I'm thinking it has to do with my stomach, as gaviscon seems to help as does raising the head of my bed. It's soo uncomfortable.

I'm thankful there are others out there like me, that can understand what I'm going through. I'm 38 y/o female, and have 5 children ranging in age from 1 - 18, and I'd like to stick around for them. My husband is supportive but he really doesn't understand.

Congrats on the upcomming birth of your son, it's such a fun time.