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I have Type 2 diabetes -- in the past 6 months it has gone from 485-500 to 120; but that has been through the use of trying Metformin of 500 mg 2x a day -- which got raised to 1000 mg 2 x a day -- then changed to ActosPlus Met 15/850 mg 2 x a day -- so it has been avg about 120 now for the past month. I also have to take Altace for blood pressure and Toprol for too fast of a heart rate. The problem is that during these past 6 months -- the sugar level got better -- 120. The blood pressure seems low to me -- it went from 170 / 100 to now being 85 / 56 (is that too low -- it seems low to me) -- but the heart rate is still anywhere between 97 to 146 (which seems still fast to me since I'm taking the medicine to control it.). What do you think? Does this seemed messed up? I'm not sure if that is normal -or- if I should talk to my doctor.