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Due to my financial status, I cannot afford my prescription for Altace which is over 200.00 per month. I have eliminated salt as much as I can from my diet and have tried to elimate stressful situations. Are there any dangerous effects from slowly easing myself off this medicine? (1 - 2.5mg every other day for a month . . . then 1 pill every 3 days for a month . . . . and slowly decreasing until I am completely off of it. Then once I am off of it . . . is there any natural herbs or suppliments I can take?
I think Altace is a mediction to control your blood pressure -- it is an ACE inhibitor.

Stopping a blood pressure controlling drug is very dangerous-- side effects of course of not using blood pressure medication is a possible heart attack and a stroke.

There are other drugs used to control blood pressure on the market that are alot cheaper and just may work for you. But, it should be discussed with your Doctor.

I take Altenolol 25 mg twice daily and 100 cost less than $7.00 for 50 days. It is a beta blocker type medication. So, there are others that are effective and cheaper.

I wish you well---Harry
If you need to go back to BP meds specifically ACE inhibitors, lisinopril is generic or another "pril" is much cheaper than Altace.