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My wife is currently taking 100mg of zoloft 2 times a day and 300mg of welbutrin xl 1 time a day, also altace for blood pressure. She has been an the anti depressants for about 2 1/2 years.
towards the end of October she began taking the birth control seasonique.
In november she started having a LOT of interest in sex which has not been normal through out our 17 year marriage( by the way she is 38). Not that she has no interest but she went from kinda low to through the roof. She wanted to do it every day. She called me at work for a quickie.... never has done that! Well almost as quick as it started it stopped. Maybe month.
Well at the end of December she announced we should seperate...she needed space. She was having a midlife crisis. We are still together and in counseling, but its a day by day thing.
My question could there be any connection to her meds that could cause her behavior? To my knowledge she has not spoken to her doc about this,
one doc prescribed the anit-depressants and her ob/gyn did the birth control,
which was to help with a change in her monthly cycle.
I did not realize how many meds she has been taking and it seems like the 2
anit depressants is a lot.
Any insight, or advice is greatly appreciated.
Thanks in advance