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Hi, I'm 54, was diagnosed with IBS when I was 26. I have had flareups on and off thruout the years, but never for as long as the one I have now - it's been basically bad all the time since January 2004. It gets worse and worse. I suspect my problem is all the meds I'm on. I'm on celexa 10mg, altace, singulair, hormones for menopause (could that be causing any problem??), and generic zantac which is supposedly helping my IBS, but it really isn't. I also am on antibiotics a lot (I know this doesn't help) for sinus infection that won't go away (right now I'm on ceftin for 30 days to get rid of a really bad sinus infection in all 4 sinus cavities), so I take primal defense 2x a day, also I have just ordered a peppermint oil mixture with fennel and ginger (capsules - I plan to take 3x a day). Also, I read of juice fasts, and am thinking of fasting on juice only a couple of days a week, maybe Tues-Wed each week. The type of IBS I have varies, it can be constipation, diarrhea, or a weird combination of both (just plain unpleasant, almost worse than the extremes).

Your thoughts, folks? Thanks in advance. This is getting worse all the time, and I don't want to go and have a bunch of tests! I have panic disorder and I can't stand being "Trapped" (having to lie still for tests). Thank you.