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[QUOTE=Lutheran122;3147399]Dilly what other supplements do you use if you don't mind me asking.

As you can see, Lutheran asked me about my supplements on another thread, and I thought I needed a new thread.

My background: Am 70 years old, diabetic for 10 years, heart attack in March of 2007. I refused to have an angiogram or stenting, and opted for life style changes and medications. I had nuclear scanning that showed blockage of 25% in the lower part of the heart. Ultrasound showed no damage to heart muscle.

I have already said in another thread that at first any exertion, in the evening especially, would give me angina (just walking from room to room). Also several times had unstable angina during the night, which woke me up. For the last one and a half months have had almost no angina, and can now work in the garden, do housework, shopping both morning and evening without angina. I am so thankful!!!

This is some of my regime, it is of course quite controversial, and note that most of what I am taking has been prescribed to me by a Medical Doctor who believes in "natural" therapies.

Do the supps work? Your guess is as good as mine.

Vitamin C - about 2,500 mg
Pomegranate extract
coQ 10 -- 2 capsules a day 60 milligrams each (prescribed by my M.D,)
Lecithin - granules (not caps)

D-Ribose - 40 grams a day (prescribed by my M.D.) This one very expensive
Taurine - (prescribed by my M.D.)

Bitter melon (caps) - for my diabetes
Nattokinase (I read this somewhere)

Salmon Oil = 2500 mg daily (prescribed by my cardiologist)
Seal oil (for Omega 3) about 1000 mg
Vitamin D drops (2,000 units) prescribed by my M.D.

Vitamin B-Complex
Magnesium - 300 mg a day or more

Should also be taking niacin,
Should also be taking ground flax seed for Omega 3, but usually forget

Just started taking fruit pectin in caps

My M.D. treats only with supplements and will not prescribe any heart meds, so I get those from the cardiologist.

Medications I am taking since the heart attack in March 2007:
Altace (Ace inhibitor)
Metoprolol (Beta blocker)
Aspirin (2 a day - 80 mg each)
Stopped taking Lipitor, and stopped taking plavix. (both making me sick)
Also taking Metformin for my diabetes

Note that I am exercising in the pool, and doing some walking as much as the osteo in my hip allows.

Do the supplements work? I am getting better, so perhaps something is working. But I will never know which one, if any. So many variables. Maybe it's because of the prescriptions, Maybe it's coincidence, maybe it's the exercise that I am finally doing, maybe it's because of my love of the garden and can't bear to let someone in the raspberries. ha ha

The supplements cost me about $250.00 a month; 75% of the prescriptions are paid by the Health Care system here thank goodness.

Someone mentioned yesterday on another thread that a new study on beta blockers indicated that beta blockers appear to reverse plaque buildup. I sure hope that is true.

From all the reading I have done since March, I am convinced that exercise is the most important drug of all for me to unblock my heart arteries. Have done little in that way before March, and now am exercising 40 minutes a day for about 4 days out of 7. This is a sustained workout for 40 minutes, and not gardening or housework. My cardiologist stated I must exercise every day, and the only caution is not to let my heart rate rise more than 15 beats above resting pulse. (Note that the 15 beats is because I have blocked arteries, and another heart attack could be fatal)

So am doing this "My Way'. Did I make the right choice, will never know. On one hand I could have had a stroke during the angiogram or another heart attack; and on the other hand I could say goodbye world tomorrow.

IMO, the most important stuff to prevent heart artery disease:
1. Exercise almost every day
2. Take lecithin
3. Take Vitamin C
4. Take Omega 3 oil