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I have idiopathic cardiomyopathy, although it was caught earlier than yours was -- diagnosed at EF of 40%, currently around 50-55%.

And I am on similar medications, Coreg, same dose, and Altace instead of Diovan.

And I plan to take my medication for the rest of my life, as I know if I go off of it, I am risking major problems. Studies have shown that those who stop taking their medications usually develop problems later on -- like requiring heart transplants... or dying.

Perhaps you could reduce your dosage of Diovan, if your doctor agreed to it (and your heart was nice and strong), but I'd never recommend completely stopping. Since you have no major side effects, why risk it? As for Coreg, we are already on what is considered 'half-doses'. Any lower, and you won't be getting much benefit from it.