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I'm so glad I found this board....I've been a suffer for the last 6 yrs now and seems to be getting worse as the yrs go on. I first notice the pain after having a complete hyst. done.....After seeing a regular Dr. for 5 yrs and lots of pain meds later & he finally put me on a med. called Amerge for migraines because that is what he thought I was having....The meds. do help but they are very expensive.
I went to a Dentist for a regular check up and we were dicussing my problems and he says I've a severe case of TMJ. Well I have a splint I wear just on my upper 2 front teeth that helps pull my lower jaw foward. Well it did seem to help except I take it out during the nite and the last time I took it out it is nowhere to be found. So now I'm back to the pain and laying on icepacks for hours. Somedays are worse and for some reason this whole week is worse, the pain is unbearable at times and I can't seem to function. I've been dizzier this more than normal and my vision is way out of wack.
My pain is in my rite jaw area into the rite temple into the rite ear and then down the rite side of my throat and this usually last for 3 days on the onset of each episode.