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Mz Migraine-
THat tongue thing is totally odd, when I told the nurse I think she thought I meant dry mouth, oh well, I haven't had much of the forgetfullness except a little trouble with thinking of the right word to say sometimes...anyway...
Along with the 50mg topamax....
I take B-100 complex - 1 pill
and an added 100mg of B-2
also (250mg Vit-C, Multi Vit.)
I use Zomig 5mg/ Amerge 2.5mg as needed (not together, of course)
I am also on birth control -which has been said to cause headaches...but I can't go off it because my cramps are soooo bad w/o it!

I think I rebound headache often though b/c I go through these periods where I have so many headaches for so many days that I go through the zomigs, and amerges like candy! I can't wait to get to a point where I have control...and only have a few days per month with a headache. Is that pretty much where you are at now?