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Quote from ginabeena:
I dont know what to tell you b/c the same thig is happening to me. headaches EVERY day, like a constant one and I am very irritable but not as major as a migraine. My doctor prescribed me Fioricet and said it is probably stress, but my only stress in my life is the headache you know? I got checked for everything CAT Scan, bloodwork(I thought it was diabetes or some reaction to sugar) and I am fine. So I have no clue, hope ya feel better!

I went through new glasses, tension meds, anti depressants, anti seizure meds, thyroid and other bloodwork. . . no news. They wouldn't do a CT scan because that just shows that it's not a physical thing like a tumor they said... I made them run an anti nuclear antibody test and it came back positive and twice what it was the last time it was run 1:160 speckled so I researched that and found LOTS of people with that test result and headaches... Did more searching and found that people got some relief by going vegan. I'm trying that. While it is a very hard diet, it has given me lots of relief. Now I'm down to a few headaches a month (taken care of by 2 Amerge) from 25+ headaches a month. The neuro said they were migraines, but mine are the little constant and irritating ones that start small and build EVERY DAY. I agree, the stress is FROM the headaches, not causing them!!

Once I finally got relief from the headaches my mood has improved a thousand fold!! BUT now that I don't get them EVERY day, when I DO get them I'm back to not being able to deal with them...

Good luck.