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I sometimes wonder if my migraines may be sinus related. For me, the triptans work, however I take them all the time. I am currently on amerge twice a day. My neurologist is trying to break my daily migraine cycle. I also take neurontin 1200mg a day and in a few weeks I will be at 1800 mg. I also take naproxen if needed. I just had a CT of my sinuses today and for the most part it was normal with the exception of a moderately deviated septum and the left ethmoid infundibulum not open. Incidentally, my headaches are always on the left side. One reason I believe that my left sinus contributes to the triggering of my migraines is the fact that usually it is the only side that gets congested. Also, sinus are generally open air spaces and I know I'm up for a headache if a low pressure system is moving into the area. Also, I cannot drink alcoholic beverages, esp wine. Bright sun will also get me.

QUESTION, does anyone know if sinus problems can cause migraine or does anyone experience this sort of problem. Right now I have a slight migraine and my left sinus feels itchy.

thank you!