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I just started to take a new migrane med (well new to me) called Amerge. I got 6 days worth and it does seem to cut the severity of the migranes for Id say about 2 hours though does not take them away completely and after about 2 hours its back to its maddening state. Its a REALLY expensive pill though so I think this will be it.
Paper, Amerge is supposed to be a long lasting triptan, but doesn't seem to work really well for my severe migraines. I'm sorry it's only lasting 2 hours for you. Zomig or Frova worked better for severe ones, but all of them causes rebound headaches for me. I ended up on DHE-45 injections, self-administered and topamax to prevent the migraines. This seemed to work the best for me of all of the migraine meds, and I've tried a ton of them. They are all really expensive! $$$

However, I've really been pleased with my response to the NTI. Since getting it to help with clenching and migraines, I have significantly reduced the amount of DHE-45 rescue med I have had to take. I only use the night-time device and just started with a day-time decompression soft splint two days ago (I've have the NTI for 8 weeks now I think). Hopefully I'll continue to improve and get off of this medication, at least that's the plan.

I wish you the best with the amerge. Maybe it will be the one. You never know until you try it. Just be careful how much of it you take so you don't get a rebound headache. Those are awful! Take care, Dana