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Sounds like a migraine! I get them too. As soon as I said the words Ice Pick to my Neurologist he knew it was migraine. My "ice pick" is always behind one eye and often stabs into a ear. Oh I have suffered for years over these.
I take Amerge 2.5 which really helps. Also rubbing bengay on temples or putting bags of ice on temples helps so much.
I went off Birth Control Pills about 8 months ago. My migraines went from monthly to just now and again.
Thanks, I will look into the Amerge. Can I ask what kind of birth control pills you were on because I read that the monophasic pills help with hormonal migraines.
Pauline- Migraines are something I delt with and still do from time to time for almost two decades! Cluster headaches don't last like a migraine. It usually takes a good 48 hours for a migraine to run it's course. Thus the rebound migraine.
I took lot's of different pills the last one was Lo Overal. Some were worse than others. One I had a terrible time with was Mircette and OrthoTricyclin.
At one point they had me taking them non stop with no break for a period since mine were usually when I stopped for that "off" week.
I finally decided I wanted to try going off the pill. My Neurologist kept telling me to do this but my Gyno. insisted it wasn't related?
It's been a God send for me, night and day to what they were before.
I take Amerge if I feel one coming on. the trick is get it immediately the minute you feel it coming on. Once it gets full blown it's often hard to stop.
I take Inderal LA as well but it's for a heart issue. As much as I think this helps I was taking it while on BC and still had at least one a month!
I would find a good Neurologist. You don't have to live like this.
Like I mentioned before a few tricks that really help
Bengay or anything like that Mineral Ice, Icy Hot rub it on temples and forehead. Be careful not to get this in your eyes!
Ice Packs I lay in a dark room with one on which ever side the pain is on.
Also if you switch from HOT to COLD it can help the blood vessles dialate.
Another thing that brings relief is peppermint oil on forehead and temples.
Massage is GREAT also.
Hope this helps.