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I would start with a good Neurologist!
Here are some tips that help me which I have posted before that really help.
Bengay, Tiger Balm, Icy Hot type product rub it (carefully) on forehead and temples and neck. Watch out for your eyes and wash your hands good!!!
Ice packs on forehead and neck or side of the head work great too.
Stand in shower alternating Hot/Cold water.
Those fever patches they sell for kids are great. Keep a box in your Fridge and put on forehead. They are pretty much the same as the Migraine Ice patch. Icy Hot and Bengay also make great ones.
Ask your Dr. about a Beta Blocker/Calcium channel blocker as a preventative.
One Migraine Med that works for me is Amerge. I have tried every Med. known to man.
If possible get a good massage!!!!!
Hope this helps. For me it was a matter of finding the right Neurologist rather than a Regualr Dr.
Good Luck :wave: