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I would look into vitamin B-2, or taking 1-2 B-100s (the b-complex), and maganesium is supposed to be helpful. Another one that is recommended for natural relief is FEverfew. I used to take it for Menstrual cramps.
The thing with the Vitamin B is it will take at least a month or so before you notice a difference. Which I suppose is true for most of the "preventative" meds.
I wouldn't recomend taking any of the TRiptans (imitrex, amerge, maxalt,etc) as a regular medication. Save them for when you have a headache you NEED to end in order to function, sleep, or whatever. These drugs are relatively new, and as far as I know they don't have any studies on the LONG TERM effects.
I am on Nortriptyline 20mg, and B-100s (1 a day)...works pretty well, but still in process of adjusting meds to find the perfect combination.