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I hear ya about the seizures. I have a history of epilepsy but had been seizure free for 5 years and the dr put my on elavil(amitriptalyne) and I had a few seizures. I was imediatly taken off of it. I have tried effexor, celexa, lamictle, topamax, dilantin, tegretol, depakote, clonadine, lupron, lithium, verapamil(calan), Indocin, Thorazine, Propranolol, Serzone, Meclizine, Neurontin, Indomethacin, Naproxen, Ibuprofin, and several otc meds such as magnesium, feverfew, B2, etc. The only thing that works for my migraines I used to get 8 a month is botox injections. Nothing worked for my cluster headaches so I got put on pain management and put on the duragesic patch after trying methadone. For abortives there is imitrix pills that take an hour to kick in, nasal spray that kicks in 6min-15min., injections 10min, zomig pills and ns, axert, amerge, oxygen, migranol, maxalt, midrin, and ergotamine. Good luck with trying some meds. I hope the side effects don't kill ya.