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Yes Indomethacin is suppose to indicate CPH if your ha stop while taking it and you have ch symptoms but your ha are ususually at a frequency level of 10-20 ha a day and last for a shorter period of time say 5-30 min. It should be one of the first meds to try since it is so easy to rule out that ha type if you don't respond to the med. It is possible to have ch and cph both. At least that is what my dr and others have told me. Imitrix and Zomig and Axert and Amerge and Frova,etc in pill form usually take aprox an hour to kick in. The nasal spray kicks in usually in 6-15 min. which imitrix and zomig have. I think imitrix is the only one that has a shot and that takes effect in about 10 min. I would highly recomend you try the ns or shot and if that doesn't work for you then try zomig or axert. Many others have had success with those as well. You don't have to pace to have ch. Most pace and bang there heads but not all do. I know of a couple that remain still or laydown during a cluster attack. As far as not moving around to determine you have cph I wouldn't say that at all. I have a close friend who has both and she says they feel the same to her it is just one ha is shorter in duration than the other and if she takes her indomethacin for it then it stops but her ch continue. Good luck with your neuro :) and let me know how it turns out. Don't let him put you on dopamax I mean topamax. :nono: Try that as a last resort. It turns your brain to mush and makes you stupid.