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I also suffer from daily migraines. The blood vessels in my right eye break due to the pressure. My neurologist had put me on Topamax and I didn't find any relief from it. I also began to get extremely forgetful. My husband would have to help me with sentences because I was not able to think or remember simple words. I've stop taking it and feel so much better. I have found that Axert and Amerge work best. Amerge made me a little tired but that was it. Relief was almost immediate from both drugs and I don't suffer from "cherry eye" as my children put it, as much as I used too. Good luck!
Anti-depressants raise the serotonin level in your brain. Professionals think that headaches/migraines come from a low serotonin level. I take Lexapro and Lamictal for bipolar disorder. I am 39 and my headaches started about 4 years ago. I also tried Inderal and a few other medications but wasn't finding any relief. I began to get extremely forgetful when I started taking the Topomax. My brain felt like a scrambled egg. That is the biggest side effect of that drug. As my previous neurologist put it "you will be slim from taking the topomax but you will be very dumb". I started taking a natural product called Brevail. It's used for breast health but I have found that my headaches have decreased since taking it. You can find information about it on www.brevail.com. If your insurance company allows it, see if you can get a month's supply of Amerge and have her take it every morning as soon as she gets up. That was recommended to me by my neurologist, unfortunately my insurance company only allows me to have 8 pills a month so I have to switch back and forth between 2 different medications. I wish you alot of luck!
Mother of Six., Thank you for sharing. You have been more help than our neurologist. I'm afraid he doesn't explain very much. AND I know, thats the time to find a new Dr. I'm learning more from the internet than from him and paying him double a normal Dr.

Won't I have to get a prescription of Amerge from a DR?
You're welcome hannasnana :) . I'm glad I could help in some small way. I'm sure you have heard that certain foods trigger migraines. Your daughter may want to monitor her diet. Maybe it's something she is eating or drinking. I was just told the other day that aspertame in diet soda gives some people headaches. You will need a script for Amerge. I believe it's fairly new. My family doctor gives me the prescriptions because I no longer feel the need for a neurologist. I know how difficult it is to watch someone you love suffer needlessly. You sound like a very loving, caring and strong mother and like you I have found these boards to be very helpful. Best of luck to you and your daughter :angel: !

The doctors use a "step" approach in treating chronic migraines.

The first step would be a daily preventative. There are actually no FDA approved migraine preventatives so the doctors prescribe medications that they know relieve migraines but are not actually considered migraine medications. These could be SSRIs (Prozac, etc), Anti-epileptic medications (Topamax, etc), Heart medications, and so on. The added benefit of giving Prozac is that there is medical evidence that a great number of people with migraines also have depression.

Next step would be an abortive. You would take this on the days your daily preventative wasn't working. Usually these are in the drug class of Triptans. Some Triptan names are Axert, Amerge, Imitrex, Zomig, Frova, and so on.

Third step would be a rescue medication. If you took your maximum dose of abortive and still had a whopper of a headache, this is where you take something to "rescue" you. Fioricet is a mild sedative, acetaminiphin, and caffiene combination. Fioricet/Fiorinal (aspirin instead of acetaminiphin) are the most common rescue medications for migraine because they seem to work for most migraine patients. Other rescue medications would be your pain killers & muscle relaxers.

Obviously the most important step is to find a great preventative which would cut down on the use of abortives and rescue meds.

Yes I have memory problems, dizzy problems, and ocassional naseau too. When you say she has eye problems do you mean the headache is in her eye area or do you mean that her vision gets distorted? I am one of those people who have Classic Migraine which means I get a visual aura (bright shining wavy lines) before a migraine.

Has she had a CT Scan yet? I would request one if she hasn't - just to rule out anything else.