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I almost didn't read your post because of the length and also I have a migraine. I'm sure glad I took the time to read it. That sounds like a great book. I've had headaches almost everyday since I was a teenager (i'm now 39). About 4 years ago I started having migraines 3-4 a week! I can't tolerate them anymore. I have done the traditional route, family dr, 2 neurologist, dentist, eye exams, Imitrex, relpax, amerge, inderal, topomax and Axert. Axert does the trick for me but the insurance company has complete control over how many pills I should receive each month. I usually have to suffer a few migraines without meds. I have stopped eating chocolate already and have cut down on my caffeine intake. I will definitely take the time to read the book. Thank you for recommending it :angel: .