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Quote from pinkangel670:
My neurologist prescribed Fioricet (acetaminophen, caffeine, and butalbital) for me about 5 years ago for tension headaches. I only got them 1-2x a month, but they were lasting 3-4 days with nausea, vomitting, and sensitivity to light and sound. Recently, I started keeping track of the headaches and found that I was getting them 2-3 days before my period. So I looked online and found 'menstrual migraines', which are common due to the hormonal changes in women each month. Does anyone else have these? The Fioricet works GREAT for me, and usually a 30-day supply lasts me a year.

As a matter of fact I am having one now :eek: Mine change either before, during OR right after. Lately it's been before.
Like another poster... I did the non stop BC. Now I am off the pill all together and that made a huge difference.
I use to take Fiornal but I can't function during the day on that. I take Amerge, Toradol and inderal la a beta blocker,
I take the inderal every single day. Toradol helps me a lot and if it gets real bad I bust out Amerge which is highly recommeneded for Hormonal migraines.
Quote from treefarmer:

You said stopping the non-stop BCP made huge difference. Can you tell me how? Was it a good change or a bad change?

I only stopped the BCP all together two months ago, so I'm still working this out. Typical for me I have the headache on or about the day my period starts. This last one only lasted for a day or two, but I've had them last 3 days and those are the time I live on Imitrex!


:wave: It was a good change in that the migraines aren't as intense and not as frequent.
Imitrex is noturious for causing rebound migraines. It gets rid of them but they come back with a vengence. That was the first migraine med I used (nasal spray variety).
I see a neurologist once a year and have tried so many meds. Thus far Amerge is working best with the least amount of side effects. He also gives me valume . I find the PMS and tension in my neck bring them on during that time as well. He will only prescribe 70 a year so if I feel that neck tension start I will take a valume at bed time with the Amerge. This works pretty well for me :)

Thanks for clarifying. Even though it's only been a couple months since I've been off the pill, I did definitely notice that the headache I got last month wasn't as severe and only lasted 1 day. That didn't really happen before.

It's funny what you say about Imitrex and the rebound headaches. They definitely get the headache to go away for me (I take a 50mg tablet), but I've def. learned that the window of relief is only about 6 hours before I have to take another (that's the "come back with a vengeance" part). Then it was just an every 6 hour cycle until the darn headache went away. I told my doc that I'd gotten to the point where because I've been taking Imitrex for so long, I can't get anything else (like extra strength aspirin or something) to even budge one of those headaches. She said that was common, that the brain had worked up a tolerance or something, and to try mixing it up. I think she did give me some Amerge and it worked too. I've also tried Zomig and Relpax too. I'm just hoping now, as I go forward, that like you the headaches stay lesser in intensity so I don't have to rely on those abortive drugs too much.

Thanks again,
Hi Bell,

Yeah, I think since it's only been a couple months I want to let things settle out a bit. I've been on the pill for 20 years with a couple of stints of taking it non-stop like I was until I just quit here in October. So, needless to say, at age 41 I really have almost no idea what my regular cycles are like or how I'm supposed to feel!! So I'm going to see what happens. I think one change I'm going to make, due to what you've shared about Imitrex, is that the refill I need to pick up at the pharmacy I'm going to just let stay there. I think maybe I'll take a break from Imitrex for a while since it's so hard on the rebound aspect. Seems weird after all these years of struggling with this to think that (a) the pill, and then (b) the Imitrex were culprits together in probably making my headaches worse!! Maybe I'll ask my OB-GYN (who, luckily, happens to be a personal friend) for some samples of Amerge and give that a try.


Hi Terry.
I too am 41!!! I always ask for samples before I get a script. I tried Axert and it worked pretty well but all in all Amerge works best. I get the 2.5 it's more economical that way. What I do is break them in half. They are shaped like cresent moons. I will end up taking a whole pill usually by the end of the day. I also take Toradol which helps a lot it is a anti inflamatory and it's pretty cheap. They give it in shot form at the ER. Also this is a God Send.... Bengay/Icy Hot Or Tiger Balm on the back of the neck and forehead OMG also ice packs are good :wave: