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[QUOTE=Mz Migraine]Migraines & periods go hand & hand. Welcome to the club!

See your doctor for meds if the migraines get unbearable.

Good Luck!
Isn't that the truth!!! I have had them with period for over 20 years.
Two years ago I started Beta Blockers and boy did that help. Knock On wood I haven't had one for 3 months which is a record for me.
My Neurologist told me Amerge works best for these types of Migraines.
I get the 2.5 they come in 1 Or 2.5 It's more cost effective to get the 2.5 and cut them in half. For some reason they cost the same no matter the dose, go figure. Also..... This was huge for me I take Magnesum the week before during and after my period.