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Dear Gabe,

I am not familiar with your story, and I apologize about that.

What I wanted to state was that I, too, am so thankful for having such tremendous and compassionate parents. I have Lupus and the Lupus Anticoagulant--which have an enjoyable side-effect of severe, truly diagnosed Migraine Headaches. There are other irritants, but I wanted to specifically address the Migraines.

Although I utilize a tremendous amount of controlled substances Rx'd by my Internist, I have never found Imitrex (injection, Formulated Nasal Spray, or pill) or Amerge (an Imitrex relative) to be helpful in any way. Unfortunately, I generally have to rely on the opiates that I use concerning my tremendously enjoyable Lupus.

In spite of the disease and the difficulties--I would never make it without my wonderful parents.



P.S. Please forgive me for my sarcasm! It tends to help me cope.

P.S. More than anything, I wish wellness on all three of you!