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j have been under my neuro for a while and he has been treating me for migraine. However this is a guess as i have no other symptoms at all.

No Nausea, No vomiting, No sensitiveity to light or sound.

The meds i have tried are

All OTC pain ,Tramadol, dyhyrocodine, Imigran tablets and injections, Axert, Amerge and maxalt, indomethacin, amitripline and sodium Valproate.

I have only just discovered the small lumps and have just recieved a phone call today to go into hospital on Thrus for a lumber puncher and then am seeing my neuro on monday.

the muscles are tense in the left side of my head and have had a tiolted head posture all my life so just think that this most have something to do with as the constant ach feeling isz on the oleft and i also get numby tingling sensations on left side of neck and around my left ear.