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Stop and please do not put yourself through even more pian. Honest. I don't push drugs but really, why should you suffer more than you do with the crap that you already go throught?? I can't believe the bone pain we go through. The night before last I was really and truly writing in pain in the legs. Now really why allow any of this? It's just dumb and silly and you know what else? It's us being a martyr. Really. Martyerdom. You wouldn't accept that in your real life, right? I didn't think so.
Please don't worry about certain meds. If you have a migraine...real migraine - take Zomig (the tiny not awful at all) tablet. Really it is a wonder/miracle drug. Why oh why did I never get stock?? Stupid. When that doesn't work and it does not 1/3 of the time, take a real and a narcotic pain med. I take Fioricet with codeine however should the codeine make you really sick to your tummy then of course take something else!! Oh yes, for nausea?? Take another pill that dissolves on the tongue - Zofran. It was used for cancer patients but now so many mirgrainers are using it and oh my lord, it does work. It's amazing. Yes - oh so very very expensive but hey, it works!! It works and heck, what else matters?
So we have Zomig and we have Zofrin. Both are perfectamunto! Oh as to those "triptans" (Zomig, Imitrex, Amerge, Maxalt, Frova, Relpax, Axert and yada yada yada). There are so many others but I can't remember the names and some just don't work. No reason.........they just do not work.
I have to take a full 8mg Zomig tab and I usually always need a second one. No I'm not going to kill myself. Not at all.. Actually, doctors (neuros) will tell you that you can take 3 tabs in a day.