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I have traveled the ROAD on migraines..... One thing your son should consider is rebound migraines. If he is using imitrex that much there should be some concern if that is actually causing the migraine. Have you considered rebound? It is something you should research and consider.

I used about every abortive there is and find Amerge works for me but my neuro only allows me 3 per week. To reduce my daily migraines I finally resorted to botox injections. It took 6 months and 3 series of injections but I finally got some relief.

I find that pain meds dont work to knock out the true cause of the migraine. I assume your son has been working with a neurologist. With that kind of frequency he needs a specialist that works a lot with migraine patients.

Good luck to you. I know how migraines can rule your life... It also runs in my family. My grandmother, mother and I - my daughter has had a few but oddly she has had visual migraines which I never had. It's very hereditary and hopefully by your son's next generation more will be available to treat this condition.

I feel bad for your son and for you.... Migraines and pain are sooooooo debilitating. And there is no cure for migraines except to "manage" them.

Sounds as if your son is having a difficult time right now doing that. It's possible to actually have headaches that frequently and its not rebound. I was told I was having rebound at one point and even though I thought not I agreed to be hospitalized and go through an IV drip to get me away from the abortive I was taking at the time, which was Cafergot. Now, they don't even dispense cafergot because of the horrible longterm effects.

Anyhow, after my 3-4 day "drip" I came out of the hospital with a new "plan". I followed that plan and new meds for 3 full months. I didn't even drink caffeine because that can trigger migraines. Welllll, my headache pattern didnt change and my neuro at that time didn't have anything better to offer me so I went back to the cafergot route because I had no other choices at that time.

A couple years later I tried a new neuro and he immediately took me from cafergot to Amerge, which got me away from that horrible abortive. After a couple years of all the preventative drugs he tried botox. I was able to drop all my preventatives and just use abortives a few days a week effectively.

Your son, at 27, is being prescribed these things that are enabling him to take so much at a time. I think its his doctor's responsibility to restrict these meds. I know you're his MOM and once a mom always a mom, but at 27 he needs to be responsible for himself.

Eventually, he will get himself into a serious situation, especially drinking with those drugs. Obviously trying to educate him isn't helping.. I will just pray that when he does (and it will at his rate), he will appreciate having you there for support.

It kinda upsets me that his doctor is allowing him to use so much imitrex. Actually, many insurance companies won't allow patients to be prescribed that much imitrex. How is he getting so much???