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I've been on topamax for 3 months now. I've suffered from migraines for 10 years now (every woman in the family has had them), and before topamax they were at least 4x a week. These were big ugly ones too. I took imitrex and vicodin for the pain, phenergan for the nausea and verapamil to prevent them. worked for a while but didn't when they shifted to becoming primarily hormonal migraines.

topamax has changed my life. Yes there are side effects but I'm no longer out for hours at a time with a pounding migraine. I started at 15 mg a day for a week and then worked my way up to 60 mg. that dose caused more problems so I dropped back down to 45 mg where I am currently. Gave me my first 20 migraine free days in a row that i've had in 10 years.

my side effects: started with the tinglies (feels like hands and feet falling asleep), disturbed sleep initially (lasted a few days only). Then I had major dry mouth which began to cause gum problems. I followed the docs directions and drank the min 80 oz of water a day she said to drink and most of the tinglies went away as soon as I found the right dose. What I wasn't prepared for was the irritability that kicked in. I was on a very short fuse, grouchy with everyone. My general doc prescribed a low dose antidepressant, Prozac 10-20mg to take daily to see if that would help. since I'm already perimenopausal and was tad irritable to begin with, it's helping matters a lot. the prozac just takes the edge off the drug. There are side effects to the prozac with which I'm now dealing (dry mouth, dry eyes, and vaginal dryness) and but I don't have migraines and again, that's liberating. Because prozac can dehydrate too, I've kicked my water intake up a tad to 120 oz and I take electrolytes too.

this is all to say that it's worth it to me. I now have maybe one migraine a week when I had at least 4 before, sometimes one would last a couple of days or more. I missed many days with my family. i now don't miss those days.

my migraine management:

-topamax 45mg 1x a day
-prozac 20mg a day
-B2 200mg a day
-amerge as needed
-vicodin as needed

good luck!