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Hi Skooze and Mss...

Wish we could sit down and chat in messenger or something... lol I am just going to respond to some of the stuff you guys have said. It's too hard to keep straight which of you said what ...

As for the ol' sweats, I am menopausal (soon to be 56). You both are too young for that. Although the 40's do begin with perimenopause. I still think that is too early for those kinds of sweats.

What I do know is many of the narcotic drugs causes sweats and sensitive skin. When I took Oxycontin I had sweats and my skin would get hives at the slightest scratch. I would just scratch an itch for a second and my whole forearm would turn red. I also found that when I used the brand instead of the generic, the sweats and itching got better. But when our insurance changed I found out the brand is over $100 per script - yikes !!

So, those sweats you girls are talking about may be a side effect of the pain meds you are taking. You will find GREAT information about pain meds at the Pain Management Site. That is where I first when to find out about the drugs I was taking. There are very many knowledgeable people there.

Weather affects we greatly also and Mss I think it is good that you wait to adjust your meds. Maybe we can all move to where Skooze lives and enjoy some sun for a change.

As for my liver... I don't know what is going on. I had high cholesterol for a while - around 280's. It used to be low. Then this summer when my pain levels had dropped due to pain meds my blood work showed my cholesterol to only be 174 !! I don't know what is going on with my liver. I have read an article here and there that said pain can affect cholesterol levels. May be true. I used to have my liver checked once in a while and in a few months I will have it checked again. I still can't believe that 174..... When my cholesterol was that high I tried some statin. They gave me more aches and pains than I already have, so no more of those things...

I've had migraines all my life. Finally, 4 years ago my neuro started using botox on me. It took a while, but I got success with it in 6 months. Since menopause, my migraines have lessened, but I still get botox injections every 3-4 months. As a migraine abortive I use Amerge. All the others had side effects. I have read Amerge works best for women who have migraines that are hormone related. Hormones were one of my bggest triggers. That and weather. Two things I can't control lol... Since my hormones are all used up now, that only leaves the weather. And I know a front is coming in before the weatherman does because my head feels it.

I can't do much around the house w/o adding pain also. My hubby is wonderful and does a lot for me. I force myself to do laundry, but know I will hurt more later for carying and reaching up to hang all those things. I am right handed, so I try to do as much as I can left-handed so I don't kick up the pain in my shoulder/neck/scapula/arm area. I have nerves that are entrapped in my brachial plexus and depending on much "crushing" of those nerves I do, I can keep my pain pretty much under control with my meds. If I ride in a car more than a half hour, that will kick up my pain levels also. Strange isn't it? I don't know why riding in car makes my pain worse.

OK... I'm blabbing now. In summary (lol). The things I can say for certain....

Pain meds can cause sweats because I had them with Oxycontin. Mss try Amerge as a migraine abortive if you havent tried it yet. It isnt used a lot so most migraine peeps havent heard of that one.

Those are two things I can confirm and offer help for. This Board is great as it is place for all of us to come and share our concerns and give support to others. I know it makes our problems seem a little smaller if we can help each other...

luv and prayers to you both.

thanks so much, barb! luv and prayers to you and skooze, too, from me!

I, too, wish we could chat somewhere! this board is sometimes too restrictive. i cannot believe they don't have PM, but i understand the sensitive nature of medical conditions and especially on sites where we are using opioids and other sensitive drugs that could be abused. i definitely know the logistics of it, so i'll just take what i can get!

about layering, i understand what skooze means now! i thought she was layering to avoid the sweats! lol! i couldn't figure out that one! haha! i need to layer on occasion, too. i actually have these strips on my feet to keep a record of the temp difference in my legs for a few days. currently, my right foot runs 6-8 degrees cooler than my left, which stays at a fairly normal temperature unless it gets cold in the house and i don't have on my fluffies! ;) i love that word! ha! my right leg is the one affected. boy, i think i would love living in hawaii! i've never been, but have been bugging dh about going in the future.

having the sweats with meds makes sense. i was wondering about that for a while. ever since i found these boards i have also frequented the PM board and found it very helpful. sometimes i get a quicker response there than here. i wish this board was more active. no one around me understands and i need someone to "talk" to quite often. at least you and skooze are here fairly regularly to "hear" me out.

can they do surgery for you, barb, for the entrapment, or are they worried about the RSD?

weather affects my RSD, as well as my migraines! i need to look up about Amerge, as my heart is very sensitive to a lot of medicines. i have to be very careful with what i take or even try for that matter.

i wish my hubby would help out more, but he works awful hours, so i don't blame him too much. he is looking for a new job right now hoping that he won't have to work as much. sometimes he'll work 80-100 hours a week! the kids help pick up, which is nice, and we have someone come and clean the house every other week. i wish we could afford her once a week. right now, someone from my church comes and picks up laundry once a week for me. i wish i could have that forever, but i can't put that burden on them. i feel guilty every week she shows up! but she wants to do it for me. still makes me feel strange. i do a little, my underwear and sometimes sheets or towels or if my kids need something right away. i do homeschool, but two days a week they go to a private school that caters to homeschoolers and teaches them things like latin, grammar, math concepts, and such, and they have uniforms for that, so instead of having several sets of uniforms, i wash frequently. the baby goes to preschool twice a week, on the girls home days, so i can focus on schooling them more. they are getting more independent, so i can usually just list what they need to do and let them get at it and if they need help we set aside an hour or two for that later so i can rest if i need to. the private school has a curriculum that i follow, so i don't have to do lesson planning anymore! yea! we switched to this last year and so far love it, for the most part. i don't really like their math or phonics, but oh well. give and take. i hated lesson planning when i did homeschooling all by myself!

what else am i missing? i can't think.

if you think of something, just ask. my mind is blank!

oh, i've had a pretty good pain day today. all i have taken is my muscle relaxer (besides the patch of course) since about midnight! yay!

oh, i just remembered. i also can't stand to be in the car for long, especially driving. because it is my right leg, using that pedal so much really gets to me and i usually have to rest quite a bit after being in a car for a while. sometimes i have had to fly while my family drives (we can't afford to have a family of six fly most of the time). it was nice when the baby could fly free, but now that he is two he has to ride in the car. he is pretty good, though. although, he did get to be a bit of a toot in the plane and that is hard on the passengers! even flying, though, can be hard if they don't let me sit on the aisle with the extra leg space.

anyway, this is a novel again. ttyl!