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There are many reason and none at all why we get migraines. They think they know and then they don't. Mine are mostly food triggers. I was doing well for 3 days, not a migraine in sight and then last night I ate a banana. Big mistake. I woke at 3 am with my head pounding. I took my Zomig and that didn't work, I took it again at 7 am with a fioricet and that did it. I've had tried every preventive under the sun and nothing did it for me. Maybe you need something like zomig, imetrex, amerge (msp)? Use the Internet to look up migraine pain medications. Call your doctor today and ask for one of them, he will have samples. Ask for samples specifically. Don't stop until you find what works for you. You have the right and deserve the right to good health and to be pain free. If he can't help you, take your business some where else. It's your pain, he doesn't feel it, therefore when you are gone from his office, he most likely forgets who you are. Sad but probably true. Good luck and keep looking for the answers.