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I had an appointment today with my "new" neurologist. Not much to report - he agreed with Baloh and gave me a bunch of samples to try for the migraines. He said that Topamax is the preferred medication because of little side effects and said I could try that first. I asked him if I could try it just around menstruation and he said one week before and a few days after. So I MAY try that which would be coming up in a week or so.

The bummer of the whole appointment was that there wasn't any new light shed upon the dizziness factor. I asked him about dizziness and migraines, and he said that yes, dizziness can accompany migraine but that mine seemed pretty excessive. He even said that me seeing Dr. Baloh definitely shines light on how excessive my dizziness must be. And he also said, unfortunuately, like all of us know, "dizziness is very hard to treat".

So I have a headache log and an appointment to see him back in 3 weeks to see how the medication went (Topamax). He also gave me samples of abortive medications - Imitrex (tablet & nasal spray), Amerge, Frova, and Axert for when a migraine actually hits. But that isn't really my problem so much. My main problem is dizziness/imbalance. Arggg