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Hey Cindy, for the Migraines I'm taking Topamax three times a day and for the break through headaches Amerge (Ahhh, my miracle pill!). As far as my back is concerned, I had to have the surgery, it was imperative and it's only been a month and a week. I see my surgeon next week to see if fusion has started but I'm still having sciatic pain. I think I waited too long for the surgery. I kept telling my doctor I wanted it done soon but he kept putting me off, he said that I wasn't that bad off. It wasn't until he got into my back and did the Lamenectomy to remove the bone spur did he find that my nerves were a mess and thanks to that I did suffer some minor nerve loss but I'm just glad it's minor. It just feels uncomfortable. You do what you feel you have to do for you and what's right for you. I rolled the dice and I'm going to deal with the outcome but it's better than what I was dealing with before. Best to you.
[QUOTE=cindy4hope;3287108]Hi lilredsmom, glad you are doing well. My leg bothers me where the pain goes down my left leg. But right now I'm having terrible migraines everyday! I have alot of tension in my neck also, so guess it's possible that the migraines could be steming from the bone spurs in my neck.. I can't handle much more of this, it's constant. after the migraine goes away I feel totally drained and no energy.

Thanks for your replys,

God Bless, Cindy4hope

Cindy, might I suggest a neurologist? I had to go to one in order to get a handle on the migraines. I was taking Vicodin but they gave me piggy back headaches so I'd have two headaches at the same time to deal with! The Topamax I take three times a day and the bonus is it helps with weight loss and for break through headaches Amerge works like a charm.:D